The right color can transform your hair from ordinary to extraordinary.  Whether you want to recreate that sun-lightened hair from childhood or you want red, green, and gold peekaboo highlights for the upcoming holiday bash, our colorists can deliver.  Using the latest coloring techniques and highest-quality products, coloring services at Salon Danilo will leave your hair radiant, healthy -- and beautiful!


Single Process      $95 (Colorist) - $110 (Master Colorist)

Your base hair color is changed by a shade or two through the application of a new color.  It's terrific for covering grays, and it adds shine to dull hair.

Double Process      $150 (Colorist) - $180 (Master Colorist)

If you want to lighten your hair by more than two shades, you'll receive a Double Process, so-called because it includes two steps.  First, we'll bleach your hair to remove natural or colored pigments.  Then, we'll add pigment to your hair to create the desired shade.

Full Foil Highlights      $170 (Colorist) - $210 (Master Colorists)

Highlights and lowlights can add exceptional brilliance, dimension, and interest to hair.  The Full Highlights service carefully places highlights -- lighter color strands -- and, as needed, lowlights -- darker strands -- throughout your entire head of hair, including both top and bottom layers.  The highlight (or lowlight) color is applied to roughly 40 sections of hair, which are then folded into foil squares for processing.

Partial Foil Highlights      $125 (Colorist) - $175 (Master Colorist)

As with Full Highlights, strands of hair that are to be lightened (or darkened) are separated with foils from strands that will remain the base color.  With Partial Highlights, however, just the top layer of hair is treated.  Partial Highlights are appropriate in most cases, appearing similar to highlights naturally provided by the sun, which lightens only the surface it hits -- the top layer of hair.

Headband Foil Highlights      $90 (Colorist) - $105 (Master Colorist)

Headband Foil Highlights are terrific for the client wishing to highlight only the hair that directly surrounds her face.

Balayage       $205 (Master Colorist)

Also known as "hair painting," Bayalage can provide the most subtle, natural-looking highlights and lowlights, mimicking the sun-kissed effect of childhood hair.  The Salon's Master Colorist sweeps color onto sections of hair freehand, making Bayalage the most customized color treatment available.  Bayalage can be an excellent choice for clients who want to cover small areas of gray.  It also can be a good choice for those who don't want to maintain their hair color as regularly, because the natural-looking strands usually grow out without an obvious root.  

Glaze     $40 As Add-on to Other Color Services; $85 A La Carte

A glaze refreshes your hair, adding a glossy sheen that makes hair look exceptionally healthy and vibrant.

Note:  All of our coloring services include a blow dry.  If you are having multiple services in the same appointment -- say, a Single Process, Partial Foil Highlights, and a cut -- the total cost of the services is discounted appropriately.


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