In the 1960s, many fashionable women from coast to coast ironed their hair.  That's right:  They spread their precious locks on the board and ran a steaming clothes iron over them!  Today, hair relaxing treatments are much less archaic -- and a lot gentler.


Full Keratin      $350 and up

Hair is treated with a leave-in, protein-based formulation, blown dry, and flat-ironed.  Three days after the treatment, you return to the Salon for a shampoo and blow dry, and you leave with significantly straighter and glossier hair. Results typically last for three to five months -- depending on how often you wash your hair.  If you wash every day, results will be less long-lived than if you wash less frequently. 

Pricing for a Full Keratin treatment  starts at $350 for hair that's roughly shoulder-length or shorter.  If your hair is considerably longer, please visit the Salon for a complimentary consultation so that we can provide you with an accurate price.

Keratin Blow-out      $175

The process for a Keratin Blow Dry is much the same as that for a Full Keratin -- application of a leave-in, protein-based conditioner, after which the hair is blow-dried and flat-ironed.  However, you can shampoo your hair in just eight hours, rather than waiting three days, and results are shorter-lived, usually about six to eight weeks.  As with the Full Keratin, the longevity of results depends on how frequently you wash your hair.

Deep Conditioning Treatment      $85 and up

After a refreshing shampoo, a combination of essential and carrier oils is custom-blended to improve the health, shine, and overall appearance of your hair.  Then, hair is blow dried and/or flat ironed, leaving you ready for your close-up. 



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